31st Jan 2010

Divina Westerfield has a comprehensive list of 36 frequently asked questions about Chapter 7 that provides an excellent starting point to thinking through Chapter 7. For instance: 14. Can I keep my home and personal property? As for real property … more

29th Jan 2010

Here’s one way to win a stay of execution. The San Jose Merc reports on a tenant who refused to leave when the sheriff showed up in Santa Cruz county. The attempted eviction of a renter Tuesday led to an … more

A San Francisco landlord tried to permanently evict longtime tenants after getting them removed temporarily in order to make serious repairs to their unit. The penalty? $1.2 million, a judgment that the California Court of Appeals just affirmed, SF Weekly … more

SF Weekly has a funny piece on some of the more extreme landlord-tenant disputes out there. This week, a landlord was so pissed off, he “wielded a large kitchen knife at the tenant and threatened to kill the tenant.” Illegal … more

25th Jan 2010

It’s clear that it’s a good idea to create a business entity for most small businesses. But which is better: LLC or an S corporation? 1. Why not a sole proprietorship? It’s dirt cheap to run your business as a … more

Understand Bankruptcy Before deciding whether bankruptcy makes sense, you must understand this simple truth. Bankruptcy is about protecting your property when your debts are overwhelming. If you have no assets to speak of, bankruptcy won’t do much for you except … more

Landlord-tenant law is actually a fairly technical area of law. In non-rent-controlled areas like Sonoma County, the law clearly and decidedly favors landlords. The law wants landlords to be able to regain possession of their property if a tenant isn’t … more

Learn more about a new kind of law firm at Le+Pelletier SANTA ROSA, Calif – Every product and to some degree every service runs through a lifecycle – Introduction, Growth, Maturity, Decline. Depending on where you are in your company’s … more

Learn more about a different kind of law firm at Le+Pelletier SANTA ROSA, CA – At the highest level, there are three basic Marketing Strategies. Most companies will only be able to pull off one of these. Certainly most small … more

Learn more about a different kind of law firm at Le+Pelletier I’m listening to a California Education of the Bar program on how lawyers can “think like an MBA.” Is this a good idea? The typical split is that businesspeople … more