22nd Feb 2010

Many renters live in uninhabitable circumstances. Here’s a quick view of what you need to protect your rights: 1. Determine if conditions are really uninhabitable. Think: water running into home, rat or insect infestation, mold, dangerous electrical, etc. 2. Be … more

16th Feb 2010

From Eviction Defense Manual: CCP 1174.21 provides that a landlord who brings an unlawful detainer action based on nonpayment of rent and who violates the habitability standards in CC 1924.4 must pay the tenants’ reasonable attorneys fees and costs.

9th Feb 2010

Great article on iStock Analyst offering “12 Ways to Avoid Real Estate Lawsuits.” I love this article as an attorney who handles both sides, because the 12 steps boil down to a simple philosophy: Do right by your tenant, follow … more

8th Feb 2010

How much pot can you possess courtesy of a medical marijuana card? The answer used to be straight-forward: eight ounces of dried pot, 6 mature or 12 immature plants. No more. Last month the California Supreme Court ruled that those … more

Sebastopol, California passed a “social host” law this week, the Press Democrat reports, which could expose parents who allow drinking – or should reasonably have known drinking is happening on the premises – to criminal prosecution. “This legislation would endanger … more

Above: The Soviet-style hulk that is the Hall of Justice The Press Democrat reports that a new $240 million criminal courthouse is in the works, to be built either on the site of the current downtown Post Office or on … more

Bankruptcy filings in January 2010 were up a whopping 21% over last January, according to an automated review of court records, Bloomberg reported. The number one state for personal bankruptcy: Nevada, followed by Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Michigan.

Personal bankruptcy makes the most sense when done at the beginning of financial difficulties, not at the bitter end, as several attorneys tell the Kalamazoo News. “Most people, being honest and decent, exhaust every possible resource and it’s only when … more

5th Feb 2010

Former clients of mind posted this nice comment on Avvo.com. This was a breach of contract matter where a small business had been forced to close up shop in the recession, thus breaching a long-term commercial lease. Here’s what they … more

4th Feb 2010

I posted another legal guide at Avvo.com. There are so many people I talk to who have suffered serious problems but they failed to create a paper trail of providing proper notice. This makes it very difficult to take their … more