29th Apr 2010

According to the Press Democrat, ” the number of Sonoma County residents and businesses filing bankruptcy soared 46 percent, to a record high of 2,264 cases, according to statistics from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of California.” “I’ve never … more

16th Apr 2010

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Judge Alan Jaroslovsky addressed the Sonoma County Barristers Club in April, laying out for new attorneys top mistakes made in and out of the courtroom. Mistake No. 1, the judge said: having a mentor. That sure contradicts … more

15th Apr 2010

The Chronicle reports that scam artists are moving into the fake-landlord business, finding abandoned homes (there are many) and renting them out. Eventually the realtor for the foreclosing bank comes around kicks them out. “With a lot of foreclosures, the … more