25th May 2010

I’m about to file suit against a low-income housing complex in Healdsburg, CA on behalf of a tenant who was locked out by the property manager. Granted she was behind in her rent and the landlord had initiated unlawful detainer … more

20th May 2010

Nolo.com’s Bankruptcy Foreclosure Blog reminds us that California increased its homestead exemption by $25,000. The California homestead exemption increased by $25,000 as of January 1, 2010. The current amounts are $75,000 for individuals, $100,000 for couples, and $175,000 for seniors … more

One of the things you have to declare in Chapter 7 is any current executory (not fully performed) leases – either as the landlord or the tenant – as well as your other contracts. If these are month-to-month leases, there’s … more

6th May 2010

Nice means test calculator at Nolo.com. As Nolo explains here, the means test is part of 2005 “reforms” of the bankruptcy law, designed to limit who can file for the Chapter 7 discharge. The means test compares a debtor’s income … more

2nd May 2010

A question I get a lot is “Will I be able to rent if I declare bankruptcy?” Or “will I ever get credit again?” The answer is, a bankruptcy isn’t great for your credit, of course, but it’s a hell … more