30th Jun 2010

All consumer debtors contemplating Chapter 7 (full discharge) bankruptcy have to tackle the Means Test. Back in the distant days before 2005, this wasn’t the case – you could file Chapter 7 regardless of income. These days, some fairly complex … more

24th Jun 2010

Fannie Mae says it will crack down on homeowners who “walk away” from the mortgages on their underwater homes. Borrowers who have the means to pay on their loans but engage in “strategic defaults,” won’t be able to get another … more

23rd Jun 2010

There’s a fascinating article on Avvo’s Naked Law site, titled 8 Reasons College Tuition is the Next Bubble to Burst. It’s of particular interest to me not only because I have a son about to enter 11th grade but also … more

13th Jun 2010

Economists are predicting a steady but slow – very slow – economic recovery for Sonoma County, the Press Democrat reports. The good news: Job growth, corporate profits and housing affordability are up in Sonoma County. The bad: Sonoma continues to … more

10th Jun 2010

Sonoma County debtors with substantial income may be able to skip the means test if more than half their debit is “business debt.” The bankruptcy means test – created in 2005 – is meant to identify debtors who have enough … more

ABC News reports that BP itself may suffer a “top kill” as a result of the horrendous environmental disaster created by the explosion of the oil rig. BP might have thought itself safe because a Louisiana law limited liability to … more