28th Aug 2010

22nd Aug 2010

The LA Tiimes reports that loan mods have crashed, perhaps in a sign that homeowners have far more financial problems than just a loan mod can cure. “Even with a substantial reduction in mortgage payment and even some reduction in … more

Everyone knows bankruptcy is going up, but the numbers released by the U.S. Courts on Friday are pretty shocking. The big picture: Consumer filings up 21 percent from a year ago, and Chapter 7 filings up 25 percent. Chapter 13 … more

The myth of bankruptcy abuse

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7th Aug 2010

The 2005 bankruptcy reform act was supposed to put an end to “absusive” filings. But recent data shows that in bad times like these, filings have returned to pre-2005 levels. A study by Ronald C. Mann and Katherine Porter published … more

5th Aug 2010

In this interesting post, M. Jonathan Hayes addresses the problem of valuing businesses that really have no value. I am listing the assets on schedule B at a value of zero but the exmeptions on schedule C as the full … more