25th Sep 2010

Sebastopol, in Sonoma County, is better known for its apples and grapes than its high-tech innovators, but Sebastopol-based Carl Malamud just received a $2 million grant from Google to continue his work of putting government codes, laws and court decisions … more

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13th Sep 2010

California has already addressed the serious problem of attorneys taking upfront payment for loan modifications and failing to do any work. Or at least failing to get any results. It’s now illegal in California for attorneys – or anyone else … more

11th Sep 2010

I get a lot of calls from people who say they’ve been foreclosed on improperly, the house has been sold at auction, and NOW they want to get it back. I got a call the other day from someone after … more

6th Sep 2010

Klavir & Associates has a sample Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition. It’s worth a look to understand the basic model of a non-asset consumer bankruptcy. Basically, you (1) show that you qualify for a Chapter 7 by passing a means test; … more