29th Oct 2010

The Press Democrat reports that the Bay Area and Sonoma County are looking at a new wave of foreclosures once banks wrap up their reviews of their paperwork procedures. As a result of revelations that foreclosure paperwork was massively flawed, … more

20th Oct 2010

I’m the first one to tell potential clients that filing bankruptcy is not a moral failing. Perhaps I should ask people if they’re intending to run for office, though. The Press Democrat has been giving city council candidate Juan Hernandez … more

19th Oct 2010

The Las Vegas Sun reports on the case of a Tiburon man who filed bankruptcy and tried to hide assets from the IRS and other creditors. Really bad idea. James Dennis Territo, 59, of Tiburon, Calif., was indicted Sept. 28 … more

Let’s Go, Giants!

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10th Oct 2010

Proposition 19 “legalizes” marijuana for personal use, right? So tenants should be free to grow their personal pot gardens and their landlords should have no problems with that. Well, not exactly. First, let’s take a look at what Prop 19 … more

1st Oct 2010

Former Sonoma County Commissioner Ted Dejung, 71, has settled a long-standing age discrimination case with the Sonoma County courts, The Press Democrat reports. Terms were not announced but speculation had it at $250,000 in damages and being a top pick … more

So, this was a victory that only came about because the tenant was able to find another place to rent. It’s a weird sort of case, but it comes down to this: The landlord took a default judgment after the … more