30th Nov 2010

This is an experiment. Most tenants can’t afford to pay hourly for representation. Lawyers can’t afford to be obligated to do full representation with no guarantee of payment. There are a few UD cases I’ll take because attorneys fees may … more

26th Nov 2010

I have met several clients recently from Santa Rosa, to Sebastopol and Monte Rio, even calls from San Francisco who really have no idea of how the eviction process works in places like Sonoma County. San Francisco, Alameda and a … more

20th Nov 2010

From the New York Daily News: Rosemary Shelton, 49, says she and her children are in a homeless shelter after Samantha Zangrillo (in photo), a Long Island nail salon owner, allowed raw sewage to seep into their two-bedroom Springfield Gardens … more

15th Nov 2010

Anyone who’s tried to get a loan mod through HAMP (Home Affordable Modification Program) knows it’s mostly a joke. The program is so voluntary for banks, that somehow most people wind up not qualifying. And then going into foreclosure. But … more

12th Nov 2010

It’s well known that Los Angeles has been cracking down on its dispensaries for a while now. Recently the city took a new tack – threatening landlords with legal action for renting to illegal dispensaries. Now a L.A. Superior Court … more

8th Nov 2010

Santa Rosa, CA – If you’re in foreclosure and your home is about to be sold at auction, here’s what you need to know. Once the auction takes place, there’s a new owner of the house – either the foreclosing … more