22nd Dec 2010

CNBC’s recent report on student debt suggests that student debt is the next housing bubble. Most student loans are not dischargable in bankruptcy. But student loans are guaranteed by the government. That has created massive incentives for for-profit schools like … more

Chapter 7 101, a few video links!

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9th Dec 2010

For starters, here’s how not to declare bankruptcy: OK, it doesn’t matter if you say it or declare it, you actually have to file a petition and schedules.And as Judge Paul Glenn of the Florida court explains here, those documents … more

Santa Rosa-based attorney Jim Sansone notes that come January a new law will require additional notices to tenants in foreclosed homes. Under new Code of Civil Procedure 1161c, notices must state, among other things: “You may have the right to … more

5th Dec 2010

The U.S. Attorney is prosecuting three southern Californians, who ran a scam that ripped off homeowners trying to forestall foreclosure by transferring fractions of homes to fictional people and then filing fraudulent bankruptcies on behalf of those non-persons, the L.A. … more

4th Dec 2010

A few days ago, I covered the basic eviction notices. What’s more interesting is the defenses that can be raised on the different notices. Consider: Three-day notice to pay rent or quit. The primary defense to this notice is habitability. … more