28th Feb 2011

The Windsor woman who embezzled $179,000 from Healdsburg attorney Michael Villa is going to jail for a year, The Press Democrat reports. It turns out April Hale is a serial embezzler who stole from previous employers, as well. Sonoma County … more

25th Feb 2011

SANTA ROSA, CA — I was speaking with Brian Barboza today about folks who come into talk about bankruptcy but then don’t follow up. Six month, nine months later, you get a call — they want to file bankruptcy and … more

24th Feb 2011

SANTA ROSA – The credit bureau Experian is now including positive rental payment data on consumers’ credit reports. And later this year, they’ll include negative data, as well. The credit bureau hails this as a great benefit to consumers, who … more

11th Feb 2011

Retailers were shocked by a California Supreme Court decision that retailers cannot ask for and store ZIP codes when customers pay by credit card. The Sacramento Bee reports that the Court held that ZIP codes are part of an address … more

10th Feb 2011

“I’m numb,” is how Bankruptcy Judge Alan Jaroslovsky describes the number of debtor petitions in his Santa Rosa courtroom. According to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, there were more than 5,000 filings last year, triple that of just three years … more

7th Feb 2011

Check out my new commercial – a first! – which will run on Santa Rosa’s KFTY Channel 50, soon to be available on Comcast. What do you think? Send me an email in the box to the right.