22nd Mar 2011

The California Credit Law Blog reports, among others, that recipients of federal benefits will get new protections from creditors under a federal rule going into effect May 1. The new rule was pushed by the National Consumer Law Center as … more

21st Mar 2011

Small Business Bankruptcy Filings Take a Dive, the article is headlined and that seems like good news for the economy. A sign of a recovery, if small businesses are at least staying in business. Then comes the kicker — “The … more

20th Mar 2011

One Tuesday at the Sonoma Superior Court‘s unlawful detainer calendar in Santa Rosa, I spoke briefly with a couple who were contesting their eviction based on their medical marijuana cards. Their argument was that they couldn’t be evicted for having … more

9th Mar 2011

Have you thought about walking away from your home? For many Santa Rosa, Petaluma and Rohnert Park homeowners, that has to be a kitchen-table discussion these days. The Santa Rosa Press Democrat reports that some 31,000 Sonoma County homes — … more

4th Mar 2011

The San Jose Mercury News reports that Hall of Famer and ex-Oakland A Ricky Henderson is playing hardball with a former tenant over a $1,500 security deposit. Henderson took time out from spring training to make an appearance in Alameda … more

3rd Mar 2011

This is the story of tenants winning big — and the Court of Appeals upholding that victory last month — against an amazing scumbag — Oakland landlord Richard Thomas, who besides intentionally withholding security deposits from hundreds of tenants engaged … more

1st Mar 2011

If you’re scheduling your free consultation with us, please download and fill out this extensive worksheet before coming in. We realize you won’t be able to fill everything out but doing this work before your first meeting will make the … more

Bankruptcy Tips with Richard C. Koman, bankruptcy attorney in Santa Rosa CA. Bankruptcy can only be used once every eight years so if you’re going to file, you need to make sure this is the right time to file. Two … more