Imagining a post-debt America

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29th Aug 2011

We are in the midst of a global crackup, Thomas L. Friedman writes in the NY Times this weekend. And at the heart of it lay the very financial problems most of us struggle with every day — credit card … more

23rd Aug 2011

The California attorney general is charging the law firm Kramer and Kaslow with “prey(ing) on desperate consumer homeowners facing foreclosure” by selling participation in bogus “mass joinder” lawsuits and “litigation settlement(s),” but “No settlements exist and in some cases no … more

15th Aug 2011

The New York Times reported earlier this month that actress Faye Dunaway has joined the masses in housing court over a hot dispute with her landlord over whether she’s vacated and the condition of her rented home. Dunaway has a … more