25th Nov 2011

Well, today was Black Friday and everyone’s interested in how much consumers are spending. Consumer spending is of course good for the economy, but is it good for individual consumers. If you’re trying to beat back debt or save money … more

23rd Nov 2011

Way back when, a few months ago, Santa Rosa City Hall was the focus of a huge Occupy rally and march – the sixth largest in the country. It was a middle-class affair – my friends and I were there … more

17th Nov 2011

In this piece from the Daily Show, we learn about a couple who owned their house outright but Bank of American tried to foreclose on them anyway. No lawyer wanted their case except a rookie attorney with eight months’ experience. … more

16th Nov 2011

The federal consumer regulator says it’s high time for private student lenders to provide transparency into their practices, Reuters reports. “It has been operating in the shadows for too long,” Raj Date, the Treasury Department adviser who is running the … more

7th Nov 2011

Remember Dippin’ Dots – the ice cream of the future? It seems things arent going so well in the future. The company filed for Chapter 11 reorganization today, Bloomberg reports. The company asked U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Thomas H. Fulton to … more

1st Nov 2011

So in a perfect example of government patsies covering for their corporate masters, New York Mayor Bloomberg says Occupy Wall Street should Occupy Capitol Hill instead. Check this out: It was not the banks who created the mortgage crisis, it … more